I’ve been neglecting this site a bit, I’m sorry to say. This winter (coming soo  here in Europe) I will try to improve some photo’s and add more class photos.

If your class photo is missing here, please send it to me through the contact form, I’ll put it in the page school photos. If you have any other photos which would be interesting for us, please send them too!

Also I would like to change the banner on top of this site, so if anyone has a nice sharp photo? …


Where do we all live today?

Hereunspecified-8 is a map where you can see where all members of the Facebook group live today. If you are not on the map yet, please add yourself.

We already have a spreadsheet and Facebook posts where people are adding where they live today.
Now I found something which makes it much easier to see where all people from Sasolburg live nowadays:
It works like this: click on the link. Then on: See Map. Then you click on the three stripes in the left top corner and click on ADD. Fill in your name and where you live (or current location, (JUST YOUR TOWN, NOT THE EXACT ADDRESS) and choose a pin color. Good luck!

Long time no see!

Hi everyone, sorry I was absent for a while. But now I added a new search request by Chris Els who is looking for some people already a long time, which you will find here. Please go to this page and look through all the requests en see if you are being looked for or perhaps know where the missing person is hiding!

Soon I will add some class photo’s again, so keep coming and see all the the photo’s, memories and other old Sasolburg info.

Don’t forget that you can contribute, so see if you have old Sasolburg photos, class photo’s (which many people loose, so will be so happy to see them), or if you have some  stories about how you spent your youth in Sasolburg. There are many stories already, if you want to get inspiration, look here.